Sunday, October 21, 2007

Women and titles

Part of “World through women’s eyes” series

So, in these series I mention things which show me women think mankind exists only in a way women feel is true about it. That they think the ultimate existence is only as it is seen through their own eyes. The universal truth is what they think to be true. That truth is defined as they feel it to be.

Friend’s party, by the fire grilling makkara, another guy’s girlfriend sitting on the same log as me,

“What do you do” she asks,

“Working on my PhD, research” I say… “What about you?” I ask, and get an answer which I still laugh at even today:

Proudly head lifts up, the tone of voice changes, “I am the Assistant Human Resources Manager”… Sadly the way she said it cannot be translated to text. That, in a company of 200…. Possibly there is the manager and three other personnel in the department… one manager and three assistants…

Read again, she is not saying “Human Resources Managers Assistant”…

Not the first woman who tells me about some flashy title that turns out to be a normal job.

A job which you have to make your living, not so that you can impress people with titles.

Of course she is to be proud of having achievements in life, that is only natural.. but.. but…

I have no problem with someone saying “I work in human resources” “I work for company xyz, human resources” etc etc… Goddamn it, if that was General Motors, I would understand the manager having some assistant positions open as high positions…

Fuck, in that case I am Department head’s assistant…. Or shall I say

“I am a science researcher engineer working in the medical field, assisting doctors with my extensive research about life saving crucial medical instrumentation, planning to make a few millions in the next ten years…”


“I am a researcher”

I don’t need a flash my title… Nor do I need a flashy title….

“World exists only through women’s eyes” point:

Women like/need a man with a future (of course when the clock is ticking, when the baby fever has hit, when the baby rabies is in the body, otherwise criteria are different), a man who has provider potential, and a title is one of the best indicators of this current/future earning potential…

So, on the flip side, they think we men are also looking for a flashy title when selecting women…


Truth is soooooo faaaaaaaar awaaaaaay…..

Ah yea, if you are a man, and say “Well a flashy title is a top priority characteristic of a woman I want as the mother of my kids, you are so shallow”, well, go and date some hideous woman C.E.O… If you are not willing to do that, then don’t f’ing lie, grab your balls and ask them to forgive you….

..If you are a woman, as seen, your points of views may not be true… So, no point in disagreeing with me……..

I am having so much fun now.


  1. I don't get it. If you think all Finnish women are, basically, dumb sluts, why are you in a relationship with one? Is she "the exception"? Kinda the reverse of the "My Mohammed is Diffent" syndrome?

  2. 1. I did not use the word "all", I used "women", which is a generalizing phrase, pointing out to the fact that exceptions or different behaviors exist. Do not put words in my mouth.

    2. You used the "slut" word, I did not...

    Apparently someone is projecting. And that ain't me.

    In the land of independent strong career oriented women, what I wrote about is a big misconception working women have.

    Truth is men want women for family and companionship not for financial support, or piss race. Simple as that.

    I do not have the "my Mohamed" syndrome, but apparently some politically correct folks hanging out in the northern liberated hemisphere have the sickness of "free speech is good when I speak, when someone else speaks, it is called insulting and oppression through words"