Saturday, October 06, 2007

Intelligence skyhigh... ??

Met this young man through a good friend’s tutor in a bar.

Young guy, guessing early twenties.

All night I had been having a lot of fun with the guys, so I am overall in friendly mood.

I get introduced to this shaved head kid, with a d'Artagnan beard.

Blab la bla, blab la…. Bla..

Then he asks me,

« Where you from ? »
« Half German, Half Turkish..... Your skin is too dark for a Finn, where are you from ? »

There I asked it, the kid with the funny beard leans back, puts a smile to his face… A smile, as slimey as it gets, a smile you see on the kids which managed to have their first poo by themselves, the face on the teenager proud to have gotten his first girlfriend, the face on the person who is extremely proud of himself of have found an witty clever thing to say, pride mixed with slime, and that mixed with the vanity of youth,

He answers:

“I am half finnish” stops for five secs, the smile deepening, “half asshole….”


Why on earth do I have to encounter these people?


  1. well said, have to admit :o)

  2. Servus, immer noch im Norden? Cool das Finndistan wieder "lebt"

  3. Nur wenn ich wusste wer Sepp ist :)