Saturday, October 06, 2007

Finndistan – Resurrection

I would call this a re-awakening, but it is more of a resurrection. After Finndistan was put to sleep by me two years ago, that was a fate worse than death for the stories that should not be lost.

I am glad to karma or whatever force there is surrounding us, I call it Life, but that is not the scope of this blog, that it gave me the specific reason which made me not want to continue writing.

But now, I am back, and I will continue reporting.

I will though, unlike previously, add my comments to the end of the stories, arrogantly, shallowly, preschingly and maybe coming across as a male chauvinist…

I call it realism.

I assure you, the main point will be still to make you laugh.

As I have had my laughs when I wrote Finndistan…

Of course, have to mention the occasional face which is full of rage…

Welcome back, to me and to you,

Below are the first three opening stories, hope you enjoy!!

Will give my best to deserve your audience!!!

The Finndistan Man