Sunday, October 21, 2007

Morning time in Helsinki.. Sunday morning.

More than a year ago,

A ship cruise of two days with forty people has ended.. we are walking to get the car to drive back home.. Devastated..

And there she is, walking – more like, dragging herself, crawling, - beside us, tiny girl.. By tiny I mean close to 1.60 and not more than 40 kg’s. One of the party people..

Carrying a few bottles wine in bags, and an apparently heavy backpack.

My buddy, the incurable nice gentleman, offers her:

“Hey, our car is in same direction as you are going, so we are walking a long way together, and you look like you are suffering.. Let me help you”

“No thanks”

“At least let me help carrying the bags, one side you, one side me, you are suffering there”

“No. I am an independent strong Finnish woman”…

Well, suffer then. But don’t blame me, or my fellow men for anything….

Then, my incurable buddy asks her if she wants to join us for breakfast, as we are hungry,

“Thanks, my boyfriend is waiting home, I gotta go, or he’ll be angry”

So much for independence.. and strength…

What she saying is basically:
- I am independent and strong when I feel like it, and am fragile and need care when I feel like it. A man has to know what I need from looking at my face. My needs may and will change anytime for any reason or no reason, and the man has to know this, from… looking at my face.

Oh man, the boyfriend has no idea what kind of storm will be hitting him in the near future.


  1. Or maybe,just maybe,Dear Finndistan,the woman don't want help from the strange men,nor join the strangers breakfast either,maybe,just maybe we call this something as simple as self protection?
    Sometimes it is nothing more than pure logic,without anything more difficlut darling.

  2. Maybe it is indeed called "Being obsessed with independence and strength, forgetting that human is a social animal."

    The lady knew us.

    Breakfast is not "lets fuck"

    Help is not "I will eat you"

    Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the ladies' little minds...

    Sometimes it is pure logic, only if you accept to think in forbidden paths in a dark forest, darling...