Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Love Boat of the Baltic - Clarification on the grabbing issue

What is this thing with women?

They think they have the right to grab a man's chest, butt, package, but the man doing the same is a no-no?


Your stuff aint that special. I have touched enough times, you've been touched more than enough times. I have no interest in grabbing women I dont know, but if you grab me, I'll grab back, and will have all the right to do so.

You think you grabbing me gives me some kind of pleasure? Your hands are so special that it is an honor to be grabbed?

Think again.

So if you are not willing to enjoy my hands on your butt, then keep your hands off my butt.

Keep your effing hands to yourself, if you want to keep yourself untouched.

Grab me, I'll grab you.

On a related note,

If I see no problem for me, legally,

Slap me, I'll slap you.

Eqwalitee, baby.

Sadly eqwalitee nowadays goes only one way.

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