Friday, March 11, 2011

Cougars. No thank you.

Buddy, trying to have some fun, trying to show off, and trying to show his goodwill to me in the wrongest way possible, showed me to this drunk late thirties gal, and went dancing with some girls he knew.

She comes over:
Her: "Hi"
Me: "Hey. I am waiting for my friend. Thank you" and turn away. (edit : me using the most common lines women use, mistake, should have behaved more like a man, not a woman, note to self.)
Her: "????"
Her "If you want me to leave, tell me"
Me:"I want you to leave"
Her: "Fuck you"
Me: "...."

Hey, I tried to be gentle.


Some guy I met that night send over this one 35+ broad in very good shape. Reason was he wanted to talk with her friend, who apparently has been making the rounds.

Tits like bazookas, no belly and an ass that fits the package. Nice smile. Gorgeous smile.

But, her lack of brain cells and her having no lack of alcohol makes it necessary for me to put effort into the interaction. This was clear in three seconds.

This is what I managed to muster:

"Where do you know my friend from?", I inquired
"Where do you know my friend from?"
"..." blank stare
"..." me, blank stare, showing her friend and my new acquaintance
"Yes, yes, my friend" she says,

I can't take it. Better to be alone,
I turn my attention to the dancefloor, she leaves.


Guy introducing me to an older gal,  whom I immediately ask about her kids. Yes she has some. I talk about her boys and turn my attention somewhere else.

Guy trying to hook me up with this heavily made up 40ish girl, me saying "Hi, I need to piss"

These are just my observations and my bad behavior.

Many examples like that. Of course there are exceptions, also in my life, when I had very stimulating conversations with women around my age.

But then, when I meet a younger gal, mid twenties, you can bet that the conversation flows like a charm, unless I know she's been riding lotsa cocka, or for some reason I feel insecure and babble some crap.

Btw, shit happens to me too.

Few weeks back:
"How old are you?"
"Older than you"
"How old?"
"5 years older than you"
"I am 23"
"Ok, 10 years older"
"Sorry I don't date guys who are over 30"
Could not recover that one. Blame it on the gin.

Same thing happened this weekend.
I will not blame the girl, nor will I feel angry at the girl.
It is a criteria. And it is a way better one than "I do not date anyone who is intelligent", the motto of most girls out there when having fun making the rounds around the block(s).
Girl 22.
Learns my age, and immediate loss of interest.
Interest was then only recovered when I teased her girlfriend, made fun of the girlfriend feeling insulted by me the week before, and then praised the same girlfriend for being a "nice girl", and there not being many of them around.
The friend's sparks in the eyes sparked the 22's eyes, but the day's battle was lost; yet a successful retreat was achieved.

This is life.

What is bad is that the women past 35 thinking they still got the pull they had when they were 20.
Uhhhhm... Somebody should tell these women:

"The guys were not after your brains when you were 20"

Nobody ever accused men of being zombies... I heard pig, dog, asshole, after pussy.... Never heard, "all men are zombies."
Men don't run around "Braiiinnnsss... braiiiinnnssss"

What the men were after when you were 20, is not as strong of an attractant as it used to be. (In gentle words)

Sex and the City was a lie that women believed.

On this topic, a blogger whose writings are necessary reading for men 16-36 has had an excellent reply to women thinking that men will be all over them well into their past the prime years. Single in the Suburbs explains what I tried to exemplify here.

On the topics of men wanting women for their brains:

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