Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Smelly media: (S)he's (still not) in the army now

Defence Forces To Be Probed For Equal Opportunities

The Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Ari Puheloinen has given orders to determine how well the principle of equality is practised in the Finnish military.

Humble suggestion:

If equality is the first duty of an institution that is in place to train killing machines,

Finnish Defence Forces needs to put women under the mandatory army service.

Young men now have to do that for 6-12 months, and the escape means a light prison sentence.

Mandatory army service for women and men.

That would be equality.

Of course it would piss off the equal rights activists... for women to be really equal.

Equal = "Equal when I want it, privileged when can't be bothered with being equal."

Disclaimer: As it must be clear from my previous posts, I have uttermost respect for the Finnish Defence Forces.


  1. There's a Finnish defense force? Wow...
    -silly American ;-)

  2. This whole blog is based by how women are not equal with men. And now the army-card? In my opinion, nowadays Finnish army is a joke. In these days, men (or boys) can´t stand army, it´s too much for them. In this blog you have been critizised the whole time finnish women (girls around 18-22) beeing sexually equal with men and the whole time showed that girls are nothing but bang-bang-stuff. Well, you might be right about it. But you see, this society doesen´t help children (15-27 years old) to grow up and be adults. I understood that you are about 32 years old. If you go out, and pick up girls who are around 20, you just can´t get any adult behavior. If you go and seek for kids, you get kids. This whole blog´s idea is based for that.

    And about that army-question, I don´t think that girls or women are suitable for army. They just don´t. I can´t deside if it´s more funny than pathetic to think that women are just as strong and fast that men are. In war, women just slow things down. I believe that Lotta-system should be womens army.