Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smelly media: Maternity leave for life

Study: Maternity Leave Sharply Impacts Income

Caring for young children at home adversely affects women's incomes for several years, according to a new study by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela).

No shit! Really? Fuck, that is enlightenment.

So caring for a child you brought to this world, a child that would require full time care,  should not affect you income? - unless you dump the kid to the daycare after nine months, which in some cases is necessary due to the difficulty of caring for a household on single income, in case the family is not on social benefits leeching off the productive part of the society.  (I suspect less than ten percent of the ones on benefit are on benefit due to absolute necessity)

I have no child. I do not have the finances to give a child the life I want to give, yet, so I dont make a kid.

See, it is a logical sequence: Have not enough money, make no baby.

Accidental babies are really not an counter argument to my case, 10-15% of conceived babies are aborted, and usually for more menial reasons than not having the finances. Looking at the demographics of abortion would give a clearer picture on this.

If you make a kid, I will not be fucking paying for it while you get payed when off work, to care for your kid.

Making a child is not a human right, it is a responsibility to the child once you decide to bring it to this world.

It is not my fucking responsibility to ensure that your brat will get a good life, when I decide not to have one of my own, due to owning up to this responsibility towards the child.

And then, ladies, there was a fucking reason men were the main breadwinners, before you decided you wanted to invade the workspace, screwing everybody on the way, including you.

A village can not raise a kid, A village raises village slave.

What's a daycare worker working for minimum wage going to teach your kid that you cannot teach better? How to be indocrinated in the government policy, how to be drones, that is what they can teach.

According to Senior Researcher Ulla Hämäläinen, Finland is one of the only countries in Europe where mothers' participation in the workplace has declined significantly in recent decades.

Booohooo... Why?

check the maternity leave statistics below.

And it is, paid maternity leave.

No wonder mothers do not participate in the workplace, instead, some choose to pop one after the other, in close succession, so as to get a continuous maternity leave.

The average parental leave taken by a woman after the birth of her first child is around 19 months.

Almost two years of getting paid. Not for doing work, mind you, but for raising your own brat(s).

Ulla HämäläinenUlla Hämäläinen ( YLE ) Roughly one third of mothers care for their first child at home for more than three years.

A mother caring for a child is the way to go.

But then complaining about the thing they wanted since they were little girls, now to that, I say shut the fuck up.

The system is also complaining. Why?

To have the socialist scam going on, you need everybody working as slaves, so as to provide all these free entitlements.

Entitlements like: a house in a good neighborhood if you are financially challenged (cant have ghettos forming now can we), a plasma tv, if depressed, getting sent on a "sun holiday" on the taxpayer's expense for two weeks (yes, it is true)...

Meanwhile, 90 percent of new fathers only take three weeks of paternity leave. Researchers point out that male-female income disparity discourages fathers from taking parental leave -- as in about 90 percent of cases, they are the main breadwinners.

Men earn more than women!!! Men only take three weeks paternity leave, the bastards. Men are having parties at work. Men are having so much time missing their kids' growing up... Missing the first steps, missing the first words.

Men are really enjoying to see their kids only for the few hours after work, before the kids go to sleep.

Men are really enjoying shouldering the extra burden of taking care of the home finances now that the woman is home, and the income has halved (if she stays home longer than the paid leave allowance)

I know my father, who worked his ass off, would give everything to have spent more time with his little kids.

He does not see the paternity non-leave he got as a positive thing.

90% of cases men are the main breadwinners...

99% of the time a woman's second question to me is "what do you do for work"...

And there definitely is no connection. No.

Kela provides for maternal leave (usually 105 days) and paternal leave (up to 18 days), as well as parental allowance of just over six months. This can be used by either parent or shared between the two of them. After this period, Kela also offers Child Home Care and Private Day Care Allowances.

In the meantime, the workplace also offers paid leave. Besides that what is offered by social services.

So in the end,

The single man gets fucked over. (the single woman can pop a kid at any time)... No paternity leave, no party leave, no paid extra holidays to work on making babies in the southeast...

No. He works, the ladies take a leave. And  the working single man is still blamed for the apparent reduction in the life standards of people who make very important decisions without thinking about them. You know, "He has it too good"... Eff you...

If it is such a horrible thing to raise a kid, ladies, do not make babies.

There was the story in my town where a mid level manager in a multinational corporation popped three kids in a row, so took paid and unpaid leave for three years straight.

When she returned to work three years later she demanded her position be raised to the level of her other colleagues who were present at the office for the same three years.

She got the raise. The payraise. The jobgrade raise. And she got the kids. And the three year holiday.

Women are oppressed in the workplace!


  1. ScrambledEggsMarch 12, 2011

    The tax rates in Finndistan must be unreal in order to support such overly generous benefits. Also, if someone takes 19 months of maternity leave, is her employer forced to hold her job open for when she decides to return?

  2. It is easy to obtain benefits that are better than minimal wage, an even comparable to the average earnings, especially if someone knows how to play the system.

    In I quoted the benefits for a five membered refugee family to be around 1300 euros + free housing;

    This is at the level of the median income for a working person in Finland.

    Taxes are between 30 and 50 percent rising incrementally with income with the cap at 50 (or 60).

    But the hidden taxes are the key.

    A car that costs 20.000 euros in Germany, costs 40.000 in here, and they are still talking about raising the yearly traffic tax in order to curb emissions.

    To your last question, yes the employer is forced to hold the job, and a person on maternity/paternity (with 3 weeks paternity and 3 months+ maternity leave, the main benefactor is clear) cannot be laid off even if the company is laying off 2000 people.

    And as mentioned in some cases, the woman, after returning from a long maternity leave can even demand a rise, a better job grade, and get it.

  3. I'm a single guy working in IT.

    One of my coworkers just left for paid maternity leave for her 4th child.

    Thanks to the economic situation the company doesn't have the resources to hire a temp to do her work so us left behind have to, not only do our jobs, but her job also. While she sits at home getting paid in full.

    In addition to that, like you said, I have to pay for this system in my taxes.

    And some people wonder why some men are starting to opt out of this system.

  4. This is no surprise, children have always been a business opportunity for their mothers.Patr333x