Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lotsa cocka, me not flirt a lotta

She was brought to me because she was asking about me:
"Who's that?"

While she was introduced, to my ear was whispered:
"She's a likes basketballers" translated: basketballer groupie


She was eagerly jumping to suck lotsa cocka.

A groupie; not a woman getting sexed by men she found attractive, but a woman standing in line to get team tagged. A delicate detail for the ones who are able to recognize it.

She wants to know who I am, I already know I would not be banging this chick unless she comes over, grabs my crotch and says lets go. Then I would double wrap and could do the deed. But flirting? Eh... Got better suited women for that.

Sad tho, cause the girl is effing gorgeous.

But a groupie.

I tried to make some conversation with her, for the sake of my buddy who does not mind running after a groupie, but I could not bring two braincells to work. That was just too much energy invested. Suddenly my brain was a black hole. The last braincell I had remaining was hiding in the corner. 

In the meantime,
Said some stupid shit, I bombed badly, at least I think so.
Thinking to myself, damn, girl, gorgeous, but I just.... Don't effing care.

I just do not.

I already had turned away, so I did not see the expression on her face, in response to my verbal vomit.  

Nor did it matter,

All I could see in her face was a girl jumping up to catch lotsa cocka. And tall dudes (I am tall myself) highfiving eachother when she manages to jump high enough to catch some more cocka. 

P.s.: For anyone interested, now she is looking for someone that she can connect with also outside of the bedroom. The basketballers are supposed to be good in bed, but she wants someone now who is good out of bed. She wants someone to stimulate her other senses.

Yup now her body has been stimulated like a deep oil well, she now wanst someone who has the intention and the ability to connect with her on a higher level...

Open letter to the dude who will take on the task: It's a long way from the bottom of the oil well to the surface. You would need to purge the deep bottom of the well before you stimulate her higher levels, lest you drown in crude oil. 

In the end, damn, I bombed my chances. Oh oh... I am gonna be such a bitter lonely old man.

Epilogue: Apparently I have not bombed, and somehow her interest remains.

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