Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Smelly Media: The Freedom to Shut Up, The Forbidden Words

First off:

Laws Governing Racial and Hate Crimes to be Toughened

Welcome to the land of the free. Where you can say what you want, and get punished for it, even if it is backed by statistics.

Who defines hate? Who defines racism?

Not the ones who tolerate other views.

The toughened law would prosecute posting offending texts online, including social network sites. The active distribution of such material would also be prosecuted. A person displaying racist or hate-propagating writings on their web page faces punishment, even if they did not author the text.

So, an author, a speaker, hurts the feelings of someone belonging to a "protected group".

Hurt feelings of a "protected group" is cause enough for this person from a not protected group to rot in prison for four years.

In the same time, a protected group member can say whatever they want about a non-protected group member, or the whole group, because, well, because.

Welcome to the land of free.

More like, another step towards 1984.

Welcome progression, welcome the tyranny of tolerance.

What's next?

Welcome to the freedom of being intolerant against different ideas and having the state backed power to punish them. This right only belongs to the intolerant. The more intolerant you are, the more easily your feelings are hurt, the more punishment you can dish out.

The tolerant, on the other hand, inevitably will be punished for breathing, as one day that will offend the intolerant.

Welcome to the Hell of PC

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