Friday, June 07, 2013

A proud dumpster diver is a threat to all

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. Original post was on October '12)

Handsome man. Actually very handsome.  Black, bit over 1.90, well built, very well dressed, a style that fits, seemingly sober in club, and good posture. He must have been in his early forties, and looked like he jumped out of a movie about an educated black man, with the lead actress falling all over him.

Then it happens,

He starts talking to a mid forties full frontal wall accident. This woman may have been ok looking just five years ago, but time did her bad. Like a truck does to a fly.

Still ok, I say. We all dive now and then.

As I was thinking this, she pulls him towards the dance floor, walking a meter in front of him.
Stud looks at her ass, looks around to the people, even if no-one was looking, he points to her ass, and makes this "oooh, so fucking hot" motion.

As if that insult to mankind was not enough, he puts his hand on his forehead, palm facing out, leans back, lets out a visible but silent "Ooooouuuuu"

As he is passing me, he looks at me, with his hands, makes the motion "Dude, you see that hot piece of ass that I am getting..Fuck damn...", and waves his hands as if they just burned, "huh huh".
I don't know if he noticed my totally blank face. Possibly not.

What is the result of attractive men treating women like 9s, women who are maybe 0.9s? Ok, am exaggerating. Woman was bit below average.

Then rephrasing, what is the result of men treating unattractive women as runway models? What happens to the bit over average girls?

Will we have to pluck the attractive ones from orbit?

Dumpster divers, we all dive, it is acceptable. Just do not treat the dumpster like a gourmet meal. What the fuck are we to do when we want to eat a normal piece of chicken breast which now thinks it's a five star, no, fifty five star Michelin steak? From Kobe beef...

Of course what happens to genuine beef...

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