Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sensai says left, the grashopper says up... Grasshopper dead, sensai was right

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. Posted in April instead of May)

Now that was a long title.

So, sitting on the table on a Friday night, with a guy whose actions consist of
"I'll talk to that table"
"I'll talk to this table"

Accomplished in other areas of life, good guy, quality human, but in the female issue, totally blinded by conventional shit of wisdom.

At this point it is more apt to call him GrassSitter, instead of Hopper...

Sadly, also with a track record that fits my description of a not hopping GrassHopper.


A day before that, when GrassSitter was present, another friend told me that he had interest in the table across us, and I told him what to do.

"Fuck man, my heart is racing" he said, but he did what I advised.

Nothing happened that night, but tonight they likely are fucking. Talk about a mid thirties guy enjoying the company of a early twenties nubile strawberry pie. (update: bam bam)

On that friday, my head was full with my talk with a man close to me, about girls and stuff, and after that hour long chat, my head was still in the mood of talking theory.

With the GrassSitter going his usual this and that, I just decided to let some theory rain.

"You know there are other points of view to this issue"
"Yea man"

"For example, that you going for the number is not the best thing"
"It is man"

"Look, there is the other point of view that.. because you go for the number, she thinks you cannot go for the sex, so she thinks you are not confident, and that backfires"
"Naaa man"

"There are other points of views, like that the women will follow your lead. You think you can get laid, she will think you can get laid"
"No man. Woman choses. They just make us think we choose"

"Yes, but you can affect that"
"Noo man. They just make us think that"

and another  two minutes of various baits to which I got to hear that GrassSitter knows best, so I resign
"That table there, I will go talk there"

I had lost my appetite for theory. I got up. Talked to a early twenties school teacher (who I suppose later that night fucked my neighbor(update: now she is dating my neighbor)), talked to another whose number I got, and also talked to another early twenties blondie with an amazing body, who while out of town, and leaving early, I did not ask number of, but had a fun chat, and will one day see again.
GrassSitter, with his amazing open minded appetite for theory, was still sitting at the end of the night

"I will go to that table"...

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