Monday, June 10, 2013

So she was in a band camp with a flute

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. Original post was on May '12)

Well, no she was not.

Was my third day in the skiing village, during the Mayfest weekend. Had had some fun which I will write about later, but could not really connect with the drunk bunnies even if I was drinking myself. What I drank the whole night, these bunnies had drunk by the 14 o'clock coffee time.

Third night walking with my three totally bombed friends, me myself tipsy, she appears from the side street.

Flaming hair, tall girl, tall, low heeled- boots on long legs, a sight to behold.
We start talking, we enter a venue, and we continue talking, and we continue talking for another three hours, coupled with touching, caressing, kissing, and laughing.

She was sober. Possibly the only sober customer in the whole village that night.

We leave the place, get our jackets and exit to the close to zero degrees may night. The sun was almost rising at 4 am, we were 200 km to 66 degrees north.

We walk to her place, she does not want to let me in. I am too drunk she claims, in this frigging cold I totally sobered up I claim. I ask her if she can behave. She's not sure. Some more chat later, I am invited in.

I sobered up, but that also means I am not fueled anymore, and am tired as Hell, even if there is no hangover. Get to the bed, make myself comfortable, she puts on a nightgown, crawls close to me, puts her hand on my chest and I fall asleep after some attempts at getting more intimate.

Here I got to say there are some that would advise me to leave, or don't understand how I can accept that. I like having a girl sleep on my arms, to have her crawl over, to see her in her most innocent, to feel her warmth, and of course I like being awakened by my throbbing cock grinding all on its own  on that sweet naked butt beside me in the morning. Besides, being relaxed in the night many times has led to rampage in the morning.

In the night when turning, I smash my fist into the upper bed's boards and wake up to the sound. Her roommate had returned while we were sleeping.

In the morning I tell Flame that I might have scared her friend with my loud bang, to which she says that it is no problem, as this one time when Flame was in the upper bunk with a boy on the love cruise on the Baltic, her friend kicked the bunk a few times, and that it is sweet revenge.

I only heard "bunk" "boy" "cruise".

So, she had actually been fast. Slow with me fast with another.
That does not fare well.

Later in the morning I see her longing eyes, and hear some words that tell me that there could be something legit that has been stopping her, yet that info about a past event, coupled with our sexless night and morning, demoted the girl.

This demotion would not have happened if we had made some sweet love.

In this case, the reason could have been her period, maybe some infection, maybe some other thing, all are accepted, and respected, except: "I am not that kind of girl", "You are special" etc. These latter reasons, coupled with info on a fun night involving a "in the past I was fast" girl, or "he was not so special" guy, change things. Instead of thinking "Damn these are sweet innocent eyes" when looking at the puppy looking at you with those cute puppy eyes, that are filled with love and anticipation, you think "They eat dogs in China. Why not puppies"..

It just is.

Exception: Knowledge that there have been only a total of three fun one-nighters. First is curiosity, second is to make better the experience of the first. Third is a last try. If there is a fourth, then that means the asking price has been set. I gladly join the fun, tue free fun, no investment, no judgement.

Someone out there is telling girls that these things don't matter for men, and that girls be having fun is cherished by men. True to the extent that this fun involves said man.

Many times when "fun" does not include the man, it is because he is "special". Fun is delayed, while info is not. And the men who are put into the "special" category know very well what to do with that info: "I like you too much to shag for one night, but this other one did not mean so much so I pleasured him... " Special man should not just not get laid, but also cherish his sexless specialty.... Hamster Overdrive... Ain't happening.

It's like shooting yourself in the foot when you are the only sprinter in the olympics.

In this case, I had great night, my balls hurt like hell in the morning, I was taken care of by a Swan in the night, and I fondly remember the good time I had with Flame.

But one thing she does not anticipate is that that info will be in my head the next time we meet, which I am looking forward to. Really like this girl. Sweet, sexy, cute, and gorgeous; but info will also be there.
The lowest asking price in the past determines the current value; unless her attitude, behavior and mental quality raises it.

If she knew this, she would wish it were not so.

Blame the almighty Cosmopolitan, girls.
They lied to you.

Addendum: Girl got on the right side of my graces by her feminine, sweet, and sexy behavior few months after that night. Exceptional femininity, sweetness and sexiness and willingness to pleasure. At the levels extremely hard to find, while the "this one time in the band camp" is common occurrence. I thank this girl for being am exception. And warn your guys to look at the red flags. They mean that mines are -underneath, watch your step.

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  1. Yeah. There's never a good time to play the good girl card unless you have a deck full of them. I played my only one at the worst time... Lesson learned.