Monday, June 03, 2013

Not willing to improve, dick deserves to fall off

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. It sent the post to Feb '13)

 While I was looking for a title for the post an man walked in, with a babe in tow. At the end, I will get back to him.

After finding the title, I realized the title must be harsh, but it fits with the concept of giving some tough love.

A saying goes : A friend tells the painful.  (i.e. truth can be painful)

Now to the day when I threw the towel...:

Sitting on the table, I hear,
"My dick will soon fall off from not being used"

This was the third time I heard that from that man.

Since his happiness was more important to me than my friendship, I risked it:

"Dude, I'm bad with this, but HandsomeFriend is good with fashion, let him take you shopping one day"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Get a few good fitting shirts"
"What am I gonna do with a shirt?"

"Get some good t-shirts"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"I'll go get some stylish glasses with you"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Then we go to this barber that StudFriend is going to , get you a slick haircut"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Come on man, these small steps and your dick will shine.. At least doors will open for you to test the waters and see if the girls are worth your time."
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Come on man, a few trainings you do, and you're golden"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Some gym, some muscle, few months, and your love ; could change"
"I don't want to be big"

"We are friends, we have friends here on the table who would give you ideas to try out"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"You complained your dick will fall off"
" "Yeaaa.. I'm good"

P.s. This is man is no mghow, man going his own way . He hopes to meet love soon.
Man is tall, small ass, wide shoulders. A tight shirt, fitting jeans, markant glasses, and a slick haircut, this man would clean it up with the hipsters and academics. Then with added muscle, his market would expand.

But no,
He is good.

Dick falls off, and he is sad about that, looking for love, but he is good.

Question: Being such a romantic,  would one not want to give the best version of him to the one he loves?
Why be ok with mediocre. Why ok with average. Why not improve? Why not distinguish yourself?
Do you not deserve it?
Does the one you will love not deserve it?

What you deserve is feeling like your dick will fall off.

This event made me realize the appreciation and respect I have for people in my life who are improving themselves, putting in the work, the ones who are bettering the cards they were dealt.
I bow my head in respect. Thank you for being in my life, you all are an inspiration to me, and to the ones ready to be inspired.

Recently in the sauna I met a girl who this guy is in platonic love with. She is 20. She was there with her boyfriend. 35. Midget. But the man packed muscle. A fucking giant midget.

Yes, "I don't want to get big...". Fine.

Now to the man who walked in with the babe as I started this story.

If he had short hair and I would not shave my dick, my dick would be more handsome. But he grew his hair, distinguished himself as the rocker man, fitting jeans, black shirt, vintage jacket, a very good way of carrying himself, calm and relaxed facial expression, all in all an interesting dude. He distinguished himself, he put the work in, he got out of average. And he's got this good looking rasta blonde with him who cherishes his every touch. Easily ten years younger than him.

He did not say
"Naaa.. I'm good"

I will never say
"Naa I'm good"

You will never say,
"Naaa.. I'm good"


  1. Recently found this blog. From the states, Florida. Great post. Will continue to read your work. Thanks.


  2. Thank you for your comment. Means a lot. Hope you enjoy the rest!