Friday, January 09, 2004


Kutzwager: cunt-in-laws, a dutch word, the name given to two men, who have slept with the same woman.

Kadindas is the turkish synonym,
In english, I would call it Pussybrothers...

As time passes by in this town, I hear and see that I have become kutzwager with very interesting personalities... Still, none until now, has been able to beat this one:

A girl I knew for long time, we had been good friends, we, who were also good friends in bed.. some of you would call it a fuckbuddy thing.. Now she has moved in together with a guy, so no more bedbuddying.. Damn! During the time we were seeing eachother now and then, I had a one night stand with a girl, actually was my second Doris visit...

Sometime later, I learned that these two had met, and had sex...
So, I realized, I had a woman as a kutzwager!

Literally, me and her, on different times, f****d the same girl!!

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