Saturday, February 07, 2004

A question about sex

Hi people,
A kind of disturbing thought has entered my mind and does not leave.


Sometimes we categorize sex..
Sex with a loved one..
sex in a relationship..
Sex with girl/boyfriend
Sex with fuckbuddies
A one night stand with a lot of interaction
A one night stand with little interaction
Sex on the spot.

Many people have said, including me, that sex with feelings is always better.

I remember the first time I touched the breasts of a girl I once loved, I shaked in such a way she panicked...

As for fuckbuddies, the more you get to know the person, the better it gets, as you get to know the mind and body...

For the one night stand, if the girl hits your brains, meaning the sex not just for the body, which is quite probable for a man, the sex will be not much different than sex in love. To add here, this one night interaction can have quite close feelings to love as it has all the necessary elements : arousal, excitement, fear, admiration, inspiration, desire, passion, and the feeling of longing... Anyway, this kind of stand usually evolves into a relationship..

Then this thought occured to me,
When having sex with a girlfriend, etc... – am not going into marriage, as I still consider it a holy institution, no matter if I am not sure I want to be part of it or not...- there is the issue of familiarity. You know you are going to get laid, and you know if not tonite, you will get laid tomorrow nite...
the issue of familiarity also brings with it the fact that she knows what you like, and the orgasms are quite well...
Now here, I have heard some people say that nothing beats masturbation, as you know what you like. Is not here the same problem as above? You masturbate, ok, the orgasm will maybe feel better than condomized sex, but you will know when and how you will come, and know exactly how it will feel.. This will not stop you, but you will just know...

A girlfriend, knows... Yea, feels good, but she knows... you love her, but you know...
A-ha you say, this is her third orgasm, now I can come, no matter on the kitchen table, on the floor, or by the lake....
Come she will say... maybe everytime...
even the so called spontaneous sex in a relationship is not spontaneous, as you know you will get it.. eventually..

In these cases,
Physical orgasm? Yes... Actually with every sex..
Emotional orgasm? If there is love.. affection etc... maybe the feeling of sharing.. yes..
And there is this thing which bothers me...
The instinctive orgasm.
You do not have it with a girlfriend, and absolutely not with your hand...

Men’s instinct: To hunt for new prospects to spread his genes, to find as many possible (If I hear someone disagreeing, go watch Discovery Channel)
Women’s instinct: Even God does not know...


To find the best prospect...
Now the instinctive orgasm...

Only happens when you lay the girl for the first time.. When your body knows its mission to increase your genes survival has been accomplished..
And if that girl turns out to be good in bed, and good in mind, with a good body, the instincts are satisfied, hence, you will get the three kind of orgasms, which, when I look back, is the most powerful combination.
Here I have to add, the man who leaves such a girl, is probably someone heavily following instincts,

A one night stand... is more powerful in satisfying the man in you, as your body knows you have spread your genes, and can move on. And that is what I find troublesome.
A one night stand. This functioning body of woman comes up to you, you have your mating ritual, you have the coupling, and you are free to go for a new carrier.
The body says, I have achieved my goal, I shall mark my territory, and move out to seek my next mate. And this feeling precedes the physical and emotional relief you get from the orgasm.
And if my body would be asked to choose only one, my body memory tells me to follow my instincts...
And this realization, has ended in me writing this text,


For you, what kind of satisfaction is the dominating one out of sex?


All three? – this is just for the ones who cannot decide, or are too afraid to realize, whatever their choice may be, for whatever reason...
If you were to remember your orgasms, the ones you can still remember, the ones which still make you shiver, into what category do they fall in?

Please send me your comments

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