Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Another dilemma of women

Met this sister of a friend sometime ago..
Had flirted with her last summer, some blonde tall chick..
That is until I found she is 18...
The my mood went down, though she was a clever girl.. I got blocked by myself...
Shit happens.. ens. ens.. ens.. ens.. ens..

So I met her,
And that girl is a player..
Maybe one of the few I met..
And she plays good.
Knows what to say, knows what to do.
At one point though, she told me
“I do not like the guy who make a move, I need the chase.. When he makes the move, I loose interest”
Yet, I had not moved yet...

I want to comment about this..
Guys like me,
Guys like me, they make the moves.

They let the girl chase, if needed, but the crucial moves they make.
OK, sometimes the best move is not to make a move at all... It is all a strategy.. Of war...
That is the nature of things.

The man makes the moves... Its like hunting.. You set the trap – that is the game, the chase, the push pull.. etc.... Then the prey comes, but if you do not shoot, you cannot kill... Sadly in this country, this is mistaken for desperate seeking, as around all world, it is seen as usual man-woman interaction.

Three options exist for a man who does not make the move:
“He is too chickened out” – No need to explain
“Not interested” – The main point in getting interest from woman. Be not interested.
“Player” – Knows not to make a move.


The funny thing is that, in Finland, the first case is almost always mistaken for the second one...
Women actually hump chicken,
Thinking it is a cock...

Huuuurrraaay for the chicken!!
Huuurrrayyyy.. huuurrraaayyyy... huuuuuuurrrrrrraaaaaaaaayyy!............

You know what?..........


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