Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Racism? Prejudice? All the same shit!

I told the lady I was chatting with that evening, I will not write about the nite..
I decided otherwise.
And I will send this link to her, to ease my conscience...

After me getting bitchblocked heavily by two girls –
A friend laughingly told me
“Finndistan, you just were chain-bitch-blocked” –
I went on talking with a friend about this incident, then the “This BLEW my mind” happened...

A little later,
Me and the Italian having a lot of fun talking about this new enlightenment – at least for me – we got...
At the same time, the lady of subject is talking to my friend, the Ganan, and as he is one of the good conversationalists I know, she is enjoying it, as he is..

Who is not enjoying?
The single girl of the bitchblock.. – Who actually turned out to be quite a nice chat later on, but how the hell shall I know it... For me she was a BB’er... –
I enjoy my chat with my buddy, the girl and the Ganan, enjoy each others company..
The girl who told me her friend is not easy, took her away, and told me the ultimate sentence, linked above,

Changes her mind,
Continuously signals me to go and talk to her friend,
Who is,

Interacting with a male, non-white...

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