Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A new style of body language for flirting

Walking in Panama..
Two chicks checking me out..
One a beautiful blonde bombshell, the other good enough for a threesome – actually for that, all my standards go way low :) – or for my buddies...

Somewhere we meet, and start chatting..
“I know you” says the blonde..
“Yes, we met”
“When?” – I mean, me not remembering that one tells me either there is something wrong with me, or I have to lower my standards for memory...
“Yes, I am *********’s friend” – On Tuesday, went to Doris to say Hi to the Dj, a good friend, and accidentally met the lady who was in my place on Monday...
“You?... Ah now I remember, sorry, did not pay attention” – I did, but I never could get my eyes to her face.. was stuck at the décolleté :P

So we chat for a while, and go dancing...
It is strange to dance when a best friend is mentioned who was in my place not even a week ago, in my bed...

Anyway, this one guy on the dance floor takes onto him a mission:
He will take my girls!


After a couple of minutes of interaction between us – thanks to the guy, somehow I got the excuse to get closer, which I happily abused - I see the girls staring at him, open eyed..

I turn around..
Look at the guy...
Swinging from left to right,
Looking at the blonde,
And showing her that he can scratch his brains using a passageway called nose.....

-The end-



What I learned that nite was

1. Finding treasure in your nose will forbid you from getting laid
But not digging for it will not guarantee you will get laid.

2. Finding treasure in your nose will forbid you from getting laid
Also, in my case, laying a best friend, giving good sex, always forbids me to get laid.

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