Friday, May 21, 2004

Control your bloody hands, or behave like a woman, not a retard...

This thing did not happen to me.

A friend.
Last week.
Similar things happen to me now and then, and you read about them here..
This is not me.

Standing near the dancefloor,
The guy’s butts get grabbed heavily...
He sees the girl,
Lets her go..

Takes a round in the bar..
Sees her...

A panic stricken disgusted face....

---Who thinks I shall apologize for the coming language, raise a hand, ......and you know what to do with it...---

Who was it who could not control the damn hand?
Oh yea, my friend’s ass grabbed you hand?


Miracles do happen..
And why is the panic?

You were the one who did the sexual harassment..
You were the one to make the first move..
You did not even ask him..
You grabbed the ass.. Not him..

And who is disgusted?
Who is panicked?

Please girl, stop being a bloody retard and act like a human being who has had minimum twenty years of life experience..
That is enough time for letting at least some of your gray cells do work....

Sometimes I think this is a way of natural selection..
People not deserving the company get disqualified from the beginning...

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