Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nicely got played

While chatting with my brother, and another guy, she comes.

Tells me she saw me in the Saw that evening, which is wrong as I was in th Saw, and she was in the Saw the night before that. Do not tell this to her.

She tells me that she remembers me, that I am so "Aaahhhmmmmm... manly", I smirk, look at the cutie passing by, and take a sip of my drink. Slowly.

What she forgets is that I know her from the nightlife. She is little past thirty, but has breasts that would make an 18 year old jealous, 90 60 80 would be her measurements, and for her age, the apparent tightness of her body is unbeliavable.

And still, her sexual value to me is close to zero, as I got to witness her adventures out in the night. Close to zero I say, because got to be honest, a full bottle of Russian Standard Premium (70 cl at 40%), and a possible bam-mam-bye-mam, skipping the hi-mam foretalk could change my mind, or better said, cloud my judgement. But likely too is that it will also block the blood to my pleasure stick, so in the end, we are still in the good. Untainted.

Dating value?

You must be joking. I feel sorry for the joker who will pick up that tab.

On a related note, this context I will explore in coming posts, that men are not blind, and the ones with choice, use what they see, to assess and value.

Back to the girl.

After some flirting with me she introduces me to this 22 year old brother of hers, who is ashamed of having his sister's glitter in her face. He is going to the washroom to wash it off.

I tell him that he should not wash it off, as even if he thinks glitter is gay, the women who will see him tonight will know it is another woman, and they will find that sexy.

Giving lessons to the young ones,

Only to see the sister smooching the brother half hour later.

Nice play lady.

Still wonder why the play, and it is an interesting thought to know she shagged him, thinking about me, who will likely never hit on her.

Now I would neet two bottles of vodka to tap that, if she lay bare open in front of me.

Can't tap in an alcohol induced semi coma tho. Can't even drink two botltles of that gorgeous posion anyway.

So, still good.

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  1. Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

    - Johnson