Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update to "You have been lied to"

For the ones thinking my reaction of not wanting to date an intelligent mother of a 6 month old baby boy, this story is one that happens exactly one week later.

Saturday, this one guy who makes Speedy Gonzales look slow, and since there will be more stories involving him, I'll call him the Speedier Gonzales from now on, was all over the bar. Talking to this woman, talking to that.

There was this one girl very interested in him, besides others. She had a one year old baby boy. Speedier Gonzales had other options in the bar, but somehow in the process of having too much fun, he forgot to seal the deal with one of the many girls, and was leaving alone.

As I hear the next day,

"Haha man, last night was great. When I was leaving I saw the one chick, told her to come with me, and she told me that if I had not talked with so many women she would have come"

So I have a lucky guess, "Was it the one who is the mother?"

"Haha, yea man."

"She says that?"

"Can you believe it? Her, for God's sake... "

Here I have to interject: It is good for a woman to have standards, but then, there is a limit on how you can blow a guy off. From what I heard later, this memory was shared with a number of other men, and it turned into a good joke.

Simply say "No", if you are not interested. Do not push the limits of you being the undiscovered diamond, as apparently some other guy has already cut the diamond.

A quote that came to my ears:

"She should be jumping in joy that you asked her to come home. Better yet, she should, in gratitude, bow down to the guys"

I say, I was civilized in my story.

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