Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"I have a boyfriend"

"You should have persisted man, it was a test"

"You should have persisted man, maybe the boyfriend is no good"

"Man she was just seeing how much you wanted her"

"Look guys, be cool as me. Look at all the girls cheating on their boyfriends with me"

"You should have said "It is great you have found someone who fully completes you", and destroy him"

"You should have said "I have a girlfriend...""

"You should have said, "Is he so controlling"

"Dude, you should have gone on, clearly the relationship is almost over"

And so on, and so on.



It almost does not matter when she says it, I am out.

I got no time for that shit.

Seriously, let's look at the possibilities:

She is saying it so you go away

Go away. Life is too short for women who cannot appreciate me when I approach.

She is saying it to see if this will stop you or not

So you want to start a relationship, even a short one, with a scheming bitch? Who cannot be honest from the get go? What if you prove that you do not get scared by a possible boyfriend in the background. What is the next test? To see if you will plummel through a "No sex tonight", "Not now", "No", at the wrong time and fail? Fuck up your life? Tell the judge "But she liked it when I did not listen to her rejections before"? What? You will start any kind of relationship with being manipulated to show you will jump three times for her?

She is a bitch, move on.

She is saying it, has a boyfriend, but is open to new possibilities

Allright, almost the same as above, except, you are starting a relationship, even a short one, that you accept cheating. You take a cheating bitch into your life. What if one day you will be on the receiving end? Like it was said in Pulp Fiction once you suck a cock, you will suck all cocks; once she cheats, she has gone over to the other side. Why knowingly risk? You are such a super stud that never ever will a bigger better deal approach her again?

She is a cheating bitch, move on.

She is saying it, has a boyfriend, and is not open to new possibilities.

"You're cool. Introduce me to some attractive friend of yours"

If she was sincere, she will do it. Otherwise, move on.

In all these cases, she is testing you, and the only way to succeed in a way that benefits you is to walk away, except if she introduces you to her single friends.

"Persist man, persist"


1. It is not an honor badge to fuck someone else's girl, actually it is easier to bang taken girls.

2. I have no intention of kissing the lips with someone else's spit one them, let alone have sex with a girl who has her boyfriend's dick droplets having a pool party in her

3. Got no intention of putting myself in way of harm for some poon. The most common reason for assault being jealousy.

4.The gorgeous girl who is standing a meter away from me and the bitch is possibly single, so why not go talk to her?

5, 6, 7, 8,...

There is one exception:

The girl who says "I have a boyfriend" after a long chat/flirt.

If I see longing in her eyes, I know she will not cheat, I also know she will be available in due time. So she is forgiven, numbers exchanged, and she will call, I wil lanswer.

If I see nothing in her eyes, I know I was played, cut my losses and move on.

See, it is a choice, unless it is the case where I see genuine interest and stubborn faithfulness to a dead relationship in her eyes,

"I have a boyfriend"


There is always a better prospect not ten seconds walk away. Always. Repeat: Always.

And many times, I had a woman looking after me, perplexed, when I turned and left.

Testing me with your shit, can leave you holding shit in your hands, ladies. Shit bounces. Shit sticks. And stinks.


  1. "Go away. Life is too short for women who cannot appreciate me when I approach."

    doing the approaching and her assessment is the guy crossing the rubicon, she doen'st have to wave a white flag...but she can subtly let you know she's at least interested/not ruling you out.
    i agree with the above quote.

  2. it's a shit test. you failed.

  3. A woman testing me with "I got a boyfriend" is s¤%t.

    So I will not even taking part in being tested by s¤%t.

    I pass with flying colours, it is her who failed.

  4. This is good. So many 'players' would say you make a mistake by not pressing on. But the name of their game is to fuck sluts, so to them this is a shit test to be overcome. But if you're looking for a quality woman, she is giving you a sign that she is not that. A good woman, if she has a boyfriend won't cheat, and if she is interested and doesn't have a boyfriend, she won't play this kind of game.