Thursday, October 28, 2010

Impress you? Me? Must be joking.

Nordic Beyonce did not leave after the incident. She calmed down and started flirting.

Her boys started to leave so I told her

"I am in town for one more day. Join me tomorrow for a coffee by the river."

"You are handsome, interesting and charming, but I am not impressed"

"Impressed? That is one thing I was not trying to do."

She still does not know why I burst out laughing.

So let's see, she's got the looks? Yes. But then, close to 30? Yes. Bad attitude? Occasionally. Confortable with my touch? Yes, too comfortable. Flirtatious? Yes, she knows what she is doing. All these, plus other more subtle signs tell me she has been around few blocks.

A woman like that can tell me "No thanks.", but with the "I am not attracted" attitude. That is acceptable. She does not sleep with everyone, only with the ones she is attracted to. No biggie. I actually respect that kind of rejection.


"I am not impressed?"

In thousand years would I not think of trying to impress a woman who would only be good for a shag on the road trip.

Mutual attraction? Yes. Impressing her? For what?

Why would I even try to impress a woman who has apparently been the bicycle for a impressive amount of inhabitants of the impressive village.

A ride, cool. No ride, cool. Impress the cycle...? Pfffft...


  1. Impress the bicycle?

    Dude that's great. Totally gonna remember that one.

  2. Am glad.

    Bicycles asking for Mercedes SLS prices..