Thursday, October 28, 2010

Independent and strong, so what (possibly 1st in a series)

This girl was the friend of my friends' friends. A good looking busty brunette, in her late twenties.

During the chat, I needed to make sure I ma not treading in bad waters so I asked her,

"Who of these two is your boyfriend?"

She looked at me with the look you sometime see black chicks using (she was finnish, so we call her Nordic Beyonce), and saying

"I am not the girl who would be talking to you if I had a boyfriend"

"Fair enough"

"What do you think I am"

(with the look that some American-African women have when they are on their entitled ramblibgs, I call it the Beyonce face, but it is more like a hood rat holding her hands on her big hips and talking to you sideways, shaking her head in "I am an effing princes, biatch"... Anybody find a picture showing this, I'll put it here)


"What you are is not my business. Where I am walking is."

Later on she lectures me on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moores marriage, saying that they are the perfect couple, as Ashton is in his sexual peak, and Demi is in her sexual peak. And that we guys know nothing.

Well, I know one thing, I'd choose to shag Bruce Willis's legal aged daughter, not his ex wife, any time, any day.

Who cares if Demi is in her peak, I'd every single time go for a twenty something who is not in her peak.

What matters is what peaks me.

But anyway, after this convo, I lost my feeling, and fittingly, not long later, I found a 20 cent piece lying on the floor.

So I picked it up,

Put it on the table, and said

"Someone left you a tip"

Stupid me, was expecting some humor from another aging strong and independent western woman. My mistake.

She pushes it away and harshly declares,

"I never took money from a man!"

I, irritated, but at last having some fun again,

"But, somebody saw it fitting to tip you", the twenty cent is in front of her again,

Pushes the cent away,

"I dont accept money from men"

I push it back,

"Well, here is the first time"


So I calmly take the twenty cent, plant it in the center of the table, lean slowly into her and say

"Short time ago, we had established that you have no boyfriend"

She nods

"Now we established you are not a prostitute."

It felt like I entered a women's studies course holding a banner saying "back to the kitchen bitch", She flipped, it was entertaining to see some independent and strong woman having her fuses blown. Over twenty effing cents.

This is not Bangkok, this is not Afghanistan. She is strong, she is independent. Yada yada yada.

Yea, strong and independent bore. 

Cant take a fucking joke.

I'll take the dependent sweet girl with a sense of humor anytime.

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