Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wingmen are important, what about wingwomen?

I know she is good looking. And I know she is interested. And I know that the shag is just a phone call away.

But the only image I remember in my head was her friend looking at me when we were talking.

What I see in that image makes my fingers go limp when thinking of texting this woman, whose face I barely see in that image in my head, even though it is in the foreground. Karma really is an asshole sometimes.


Girls walk around with less attractive women thinking it will make them look relatively more attractive, due to the comparison factor.

What actually happens,

"Guys, I'll go talk to her, who will jump on the grenade"

"Not me"
"I need to pee"
"I'll go play blackjack"
"Next round is on me"
"100 bucks"
"Go have a thr... four five some"



I don't expect any of my friends to jump on a female grenade when the risk exists that he will be blown out by the fugly, and he will be seen getting blown out by the fugly, losing his chances with the cutie over there. That would be cruel to him.

Neither do my friends expect it from me.

Enough women out there anyway, who think more of themselves than needing to wing with a flying warpig. Two swans walking in, now that is a grenade I'll throw my guys on to.

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  1. LOL! I see you watch Jersey Shore (grenade)

    awesome post