Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It took less than thirty seconds

It was the cursed night where I was bombed to oblivion with Jaegermeister, and went for the cheek of the girl who was going for my lips, a girl I have been after, a barely legal blondie, Claudia, we call her. Never totally recovered from that mistake, till last weekend, when she saw things about me she thought were not possible, that put me back into her head. But, that story will not be written.

What will be written is how a nineteen year old girl (not Claudia) got me into testosterone overload in less than thirty seconds.

I was talking to Claudia, drunk as hell, when this friend of hers turned towards us, towards me. Nineteen, tall, but definitely not in my standards of looks.

She turned towards me, came to my face, in a totally controlled calm manner started a full on flirt attack on me, in front of her friend.

Me, drunk, having my eyes on Claudia, not the friend, ignored this full on sexual assault, and defused the situation by telling the girl to go and join a theater club.

Later I realized I had forgotten about Claudia and was thinking about this girl, and thinking about the potential that she possesses for passion. A nineteen year old girl, with that talent. Damn.

Nineteen. That level of skill.Remarkable, admirable, and definitely damn hot.

Blew my hormone glands.

It took her less than thirty seconds, but here I am three months later, having not seen her again, still wondering;

What if I had switched?

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