Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It all started with Xante. 1. The one that got away

Had a great Friday with long lost friends. Great chats, catching up and of course enjoying the cuties that were scantily dressed on a summer eve.

At some point when we were standing and chatting this one guy that I know, that we had previously assumed was gay, but never verified, comes to us, and

Puts his index finger on my chest,
"Hello. You are the two most handsome foreign men in the bar";

My other foreigner jumped a meter back, my Finn, just stood there trying to understand what just happened, only to be poked in the chest "What is youuuu' name?", and my foreigner also got poked.

Since I liked the guy, and he had always behaved, I let this one slide, and actually was enjoying the movie that I was watching from out of my body. "TheFingerPoker and the Three Straights...."

Well, we jumped to other bars only to find out we were in the best place of town.

Now comes saturday;

Great run, and great outdoors training in the park, turned itself to a thunderstorm, so no beach in the afternoon.

That only meant that I would make

My sunshine.

Apparently a squeezed lemon can be mixed with three shots of Hendricks to give a good starter.

So, let's make that

Went to the bar, met some friends, and

Knew my Finn from last night would be coming so I got another

The Finn came, with a lady friend of his and we went down.

And from here it started.

"Dude, I tried this one drink, you have to get it to a girl"
"I get Jaegermeister"
"Nonono, this is better"

It all started with, Xante

While he was ordering our shots, she passes by;

Long blong hair,
Long shaped legs,
A decently short blue dress,
White shoes, no heels.
Tall girl with a gorgeous smile,
Bit old for my tastes, but gorgeous; just gorgeous;

Our eyes met,

She passed, and my friend gave me the Xante.

God. I just found my new panty remover. Mix Xante with Baileys. And the panties melt.

My eyes are looking for the BlueAngel, but cannot see her again.

And there she comes, as I was getting my Finn and his girl drinks;

"What are you running around in the bar like that?" I say, she stops and smiles,
"What do you mean?"
"Who you looking for" I ask,
"My sis and her boyfriend" she says, little did I know what I would be facing in a few minutes, but that is part 2.

We start chatting,

In a few minutes, the boyfriend of the sis arrives, and I get offered a

Down in a gulp!


Now I learn Blue Angel has a baby boy. But nor ring. Damn, and Yea! For this one I will eat my principles I think to myself.

"And I am kinda seeing someone"
I smirk, "I see" I say,
"Oh no, we are just in the getting to know phase"
I think to myself, there goes another sucker, but f¤%k, now I need another drink.

Lucky for me, BlueAngel does not want to drink, so I get her


"I don't like this" she says, touching my chest,
"What?" I say
"Your shirt is too low cut, and you have too much hair"
"Yea am showing off"
"And these".. touching my sideburns
"You should see me with these and a full beard" I say, with a smirk

BlueAngel turns out to be an overachieving career girl, and impressive list of credentials she has,

"How old are you?" She asks,
"I am trying to figure out who is older, you or me" I say... Ooops
"Me of course"
"Dunno 'bout that" I reply...
Turns out she is three years younger than I am. Good for her

"Why do you have no wife"
"No girlfriend?"
"None that I know of"
"What's wrong with you"
"Whaddaya mean?"
"Your age and no wife of kids"
Now, I really still have no clue why I said what I said:
"That's why my friends have the weddings"
Still makes not sense...
Anyway it is still better than saying what was on my mind: "past thirty, have a bastard child, not married to the dad, dating some sucker to be a sugardaddy, and now flirting here with me, and you say something's wrong with me?", I let that one slide. No need to nuke the flirt.

I any case, I just am lost in those blue eyes.

"You are a player" she says,
"You think so" I say
"Yea, and dress like a Gigolo"
"Don insult me girl, I don't charge for my services"

After some joking around on the issue,

The sis and the boyfriend return, to who I offer drinks.



The BlueAngel thinks she had enough,

Oh here comes my Finn with a beer in his hand,

Cheers man!

Talking with BlueAngel a bit more,

Now, I don't clearly remember what we talked about, but the conversation basically was a tease, heavy flirting, where at some point,

A five second silence,
A five second eye lock,
Lips getting together in slow motion, and the lips touching softly and gently.

Damn, she tastes fine, or I think so...

She says something in Finnish, I tell her that it is too late and I am too buzzed to try to understand that,

"your lips...." she says, looking down.

Then she looks back up, puppy eyes,

"Have I offended you?"
"'bout what?"
"The player and gigolo thing"
"You offended me with this" I say, grab her neck and pull her to me;

Damn fine,
Damn fine.

I need some water.

So I get me a water, her a water and me a

Some chat continues,

And we get at it again. Here I should have exited her from the bar, but by now I was too much in the moment to think about the future, and my blood was running black.

She says she needs to find her sister, I say that is good cause I need to go to the gents.

What I did not write was that, with every second drink I had, I had a big glass of water.

I was about to blow up.

I went to the gents, came back to my location,

And BlueAngel is not there.


I already knew what happened. It was in her eyes. The passion was in her eyes. The feelings, the fire, the lust. It was in her eyes, on her lips, one her hands that were touching me, on the way her body adjusted itself to my hands when I touched her, the way she inched close,

And there was also the feeling of "I should not do this" that was coming from her,

There I stood, smiling to myself,

When my Finn found me,

"Dude your girl just left the bar by herself, what th f¤%k man?"
"I was too much;... yo, let's check out the dancefloor"

She never came back.

I got an offer from another girl after three songs of dancing, which just required me just to say "Let's go", I just did not feel it.

Next day, reciting last night with me smiling, and my Finn constantly going "WTF man", later he sees I am smiling he says,

"Yea, I know, the hunt was successful"

And in a way it was.

Connecting with a woman like that is always a thing to cherish.

The passion flowing all the way from the feet in those white shoes, through the long shaped legs, through the firm abs, past the still firm breasts, through the neck, burning on those lips, and coming at me through those blue eyes, whose shine is just immense with the shining blond hair flowing around them, was enough to feel the effing satisfaction in the connection. 

Yea, she did not come to my place, and I have not seen her since, and will likely not see her as she is in another city far far away,

There is pleasure to be taken from knowing a woman like that can be made to feel that way that the only escape from her future actions would be to self destruct the interaction. Nuke is the only option.

And if she had come, then I would not have had the pleasure of putting down these words.

Now, got to find me another tall blond in a blue dress, five years younger, and no kid.

One more thing:

No hangover!


  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    You got me all sentimental, it's been a while since I experienced that feeling. I even nuked one myself once, just couldn't bring myself to return to the gritty reality that awaited back at my place.

    Excellent taste in gin I might add, not enough people enjoy Hendrick's.

  2. Nuking oneself... Done that too many times.

    Usually happens with "She seems to be different"

    and you press the big bad red button.