Friday, July 01, 2011

Smelly Media: Vaccination Controversy - The Intro

This is a small compilation of recent articles about the flu vaccines, and the controversy surrounding it.

From the beginning, my stance was that I would not trust any company that accidentally mixed live HIV virus into aspirin; that accidentally lost three shipments of live bird flu virus from three different trains; that accidentally had live virus in their vaccines; a sector which routinely puts medicines on the market that are downright lethal (see the controversy on statins); a sector which has a long track record of spreading misinformation.

I pumped myself with vitamin d, tried to eat no immune suppressing foods like transfats or sugar, and tried to sleep well. My sin is alcohol, and I drink when I am out. Even if it not as much as the average person going out drinks, I still feel the effect; which is easily cured with 4 eggs in coconut oil.

Here we go, chronologically:

Health Official: Swine Flu Vaccinations for Children Possibly a Mistake

Kilpi said that she would no longer recommends the vaccination for this age group. She added that if she had known of the potential consequences, she would have not inoculated 5-20 year-olds. The Swine Flu operation was a orchestrated perfectly.
Cause panic. Make people rush for the panic (that maybe you helped to create). Make billions.

Looks like the operating principles of early antivirus giants.

Of course in this operations where it was openly admitted that side effects were not known, the fact that there may be unknown side effects due to this was swept under the rug.

Which brings us to the point:

Professor: Vaccine ingredients 'Not Researched'

Not enough was known about the risks attached to the active ingredient in the swine flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy in young people before it was offered to patients, according to Professor Timo Vesikari of Tampere University’s Vaccine Research Centre.

But still it was pushed as "Safe", and "Necessary"

In response, Terhi Kilpi of the National Institute for Health and Welfare said that no clinical trials could have uncovered the link to narcolepsy. Kind of negates the need for clinical trials, eh?

Let's make no trials, as they are useless...

If this is the attitude, why do herbal medicines have to prove they are not dangerous, while an unpronounceable compound shall be used because, "No clinical trials could have uncovered the link"

Panel Confirms H1N1 Vaccine Link with Narcolepsy

The national narcolepsy panel's interim report suggests that the Pandemrix vaccination increases the risk of narcolepsy nearly tenfold. It says that children aged 4 to 19 were at nine times greater risk of contracting narcolepsy within eight months of the inoculation, compared with those who did not get the jab. So there were side effects...

But the system cannot accept drawbacks:

Doctor: Finland a Century Behind on Adult Vaccination

Broas says that Finland is a hundred years behind when it comes to preventive vaccination.


That is a very strong statement.
Even Uganda is not that far back... (No offense, was the first African country to come to mind)

But yea, we should all be vaccinated against even mosquito bites;

New Suspected Narcolepsy Cases in Finland

The title speaks for itself.

I strongly believe that one day documents will find themselves in light, that point at a finger to a deliberate spread of a disease, or in the most innocent case, a screw up in a lab, and a profitable cover up. The industry has made too many profitable mistakes in the past to believe in their good will on this one.

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