Saturday, July 02, 2011

Smelly Media: Vaccination Controversy - The Last Scare

Having dealt with the Bird Flu epidemic and the Swine version; now we are waiting for the Hamster Flu epidemic next winter.

In the meantime, behold;

THL Recommends HPV Vaccine Programme

The Finnish Health and Welfare Institute (THL) has proposed that the government starts a vaccination programme against human papiloma virus, which causes cervical cancer. According to the THL report, all 11 and 12 year-old girls who want the vaccine should be given it free of charge as part of their school healthcare programmes.

HPV causes cervical cancer, so let's prevent it.

Let's put chemicals into prepubescent young girls, so the risk of shagging like hamsters is reduced.

Doe HPV cause only cervical cancer?

From the website:

Cervical cancer. Each year, about 12,000 women get cervical cancer in the U.S.
Other cancers that can be caused by HPV are less common than cervical cancer. Each year in the U.S., there are about:
  • 3,700 women who get vulvar cancer
  • 1,000 women who get vaginal cancer
  • 1,000 men who get penile cancer
  • 2,700 women and 1,700 men who get anal cancer
  • 2,300 women and 9,000 men who get head and neck cancers. [Note: although HPV is associated with some of head and neck cancers, most of these cancers are related to smoking and heavy drinking.]

20.000 women compared to 12.000 men.

Here is ignorant me ignoring the smoking and heavy drinking, as from what I see, smoking and drinking have very high correlations with promiscuity in women, which is the main transmission medium for HPV... i.e.: "If she smokes, she fucks"; "If alcohol were to be taken off the market how are women gonna get laid?"

But as usual;

Ignore the men and vaccinate women. (I am aware Gardasil only works for females not exposed to HPV yet)

Same with Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer... I have yet to see a blue ribbon sold in every shop like the pinkies in every corner. I have yet to see someone present a research on prostate cancer compared to one or two for every healthcare meeting/seminar I am in.

But let's for a second, forget about the health gap, the healthcare incentive gap, the healthcare budget gap,

Let's talk about vaccinating young girls against a sexually transmitted disease that can easily be prevented by lowering the amount of fucking around that they do while the ladies are having fun.

"Keep your legs closed" (which will not be heeded by the young hamsters anyway)

Is still more effective/less damaging than giving a vaccine whose side effects have not been thoroughly researched, for a very common virus that has not been proven to cause cancer, from which the body usually heals itself in a two years of time; unless your are banging like a rabbit and not giving the necessary rest time to the body.

Problem is: The way things go, these vaccinations may soon be mandatory;

All under the "good intention" umbrella. 

Dead, paralyzed, infertile women;

All to save some from a disease that can easily be detected and has highly a successful cure rate.


1. The Spanish Flu that killed 50 to 100 million people has been linked to vaccinations that were mandatory for servicemen.

2. Reports of miscarriages after the flu shot, not to mention the general extreme side effects of most vaccines

3. The Medical Industry is what it is. It is there to profit. When many people complain that the car repairmen never fix your car, so you come back for return business, they never think that about the medical industry. (my uncle is a doctor to whom I owe one finger, and recently had an operation that literally saved my life. So, am not talking about all)

4. In the US, vaccine companies cannot be investigated; in the EU, the investigations were silenced.

5. Some scientists voiced their opinion in saying that the virus was engineered as the specific combination of genes is unnatural. Silenced. And this opinion leads to many more questions; question that I will not go in here.


You want to protect your daughter from HPV;

Simplest way is to tell her to keep her legs shut;

The second simplest way is to teach her how to chose men with little risk;

These are in no way foolproof;

But they beat letting agents into your body that may simply be a ticking time bomb; to explode the same day, or in ten years when she is happily expecting her first child.

Used to be the saying:

Trust but verify

Now it is:

Do not trust, and verify, verify, and verify again. Assume bad intention. If optimistic, assume profit trumps not doing something destructive.


  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    Yes, lets mutilate the genitalia of little boys so that wimminz can be saved.