Friday, July 15, 2011

It all started with Xante. 3. It must be the chest hair

When I went to get my third or so Jaegermeister, there was this guy sitting behind BlueAngel.

When I was returning from the Jaegermeister trip, Li'l Sis was talking with Ivan, and the guy behind BluaAngel was telling her something while looking at me.

I know his face.

He was talking to BlueAngel when I turned to him and told

"She's taken"
"Oh, hello, how are you"

I turn. No need to acknowledge.

So I asked BlueAngel

"What was he talking about" I said
"That you should go back to your prison cell where you come from"

So predictable.


Am talking with Li'l Sis

"Where do you live" she asks
"The Strawberry Market" I say
"Reaalllyyyy?" She exclaims - note: before BlueAngel told me that Li'l Sis has seen me around... no sh&t.... -
"Yea, really. Where do you live"
"I am #xx"

"Aiyeeeee.... don't tell hiiim"  BlueAngel exclaims to Li'l Sis.

I understand Finnish so I am like

"What do you think will happen if she tells me"
"How do I know you are not a rapist or something" she says.

And she was damn sincere in that shriek.

Understandable, as I remember my hands on a dude's jaw and throwing his head to the other side, just because he was harassing my little brother.

When the li'l ones are in the picture, all hell breaks loose for the older ones.

But rapist?

I don't remember what I said, or if I said something, maybe I just shrugged, don't remember.

Apparently the fear was not justified, or I gave the right reactions, for those lips to meet mine a few moments later.

This weekend I may experiment with taking an old tshirt and cutting the neck part away to reveal even more chest hair. And put a jacket on that to clean the image.

Maybe I should use a comb on the hair too. Comb the left to the left, the right to the right. Maybe shine it with some coconut oil.


P.s. Tried it. The cutting shirts thing ain't working out. I look like one of the hairy fruits walking the streets of Soho, London.

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