Thursday, July 14, 2011

It all started with Xante. 2. The encounter with Russki El Grande

I met BlueAngel and she hat told me she is looking for her sister and boyfriend.

I had no idea what was awaiting me.

"Hey, here is my sister!"

I turn my head, to see the my neighbor, living in the building beside mine.

Absolutely gorgeous girl who does modelling, and used to date this guy that I know through a friend. Cute, cute little thing. Of course, I don't mention that.

"Hellouuuu" says the li'l one,
"Hello" I say,

"And this is her boyfriend" says BlueAngel.

I.... have.... to.... look.... up.... F¤%k....

I have friends, 192. 193 etc, this guy, 200, 205 something, effing giant.

(The sister was like 1.70 give and take two cents)

A hand reaches from behind the girls, while the other hand pushes the girls to the side.

No, scratch that.

A paw reaches from behind the girls, while the other paw pushes the girls to the side.

"Hey there" I say
"Yo, I am Ivan*" he says. *name changed
"I am her boyfriend" so far so good
"Yea, got that part. Cool"
"And that is her sister"
"Got that too"
"And I take care of them" so far, so, good
"Cool. I appreciate that"
"Yea, you wanna f¤%k her, go talk to her" WTF?
"You just interrupted that"
"Hey! Let's drink!"
"Yea, you , me, the girls!" ...I ain't buying the drinks...
"What are you getting us?" I say
"I am Russian man!"
"Right,... Ivan... missed that part... Russian Standard Platinum!"
"Yea" so he turns to the bar

And then, don't remember who, but a friend of mine jumped in so I had a few words, before I uttered the second sentence to my friend, Ivan turned to me

"Yo, go talk to them"
"Yo, get the drinks" I say

So Ivan the Great gets us vodkas, lifts up the vodka, me, Ivan, BlueAngel, Li'l Sis,

"We cheer to great fucks with beautiful women" WTF 2
"Ivaaaaaan" Goes BlueAngel
Li'l Sis is melting with her love
Dumfounded I say "Cheers to that"
"Yea, we drink to good fucking" says Ivan,
"I am not fucking anyone tonight" says BlueAngel
"Everyone needs some of that" I say... (Here I noticed my dormant sexual repression. That was a priceless lesson. Thank you Ivan)

Ivan and Li'l Sis get lost, I am back to business with BlueAngel.

Ivan and Li'l Sis return just when I was getting thirsty.

"4 Jekkeri" I shout to the barmaid who was a mulatto... Have to say, in a loud bar, Jekkeri nounds a lot like Neekeri, which is nigger,
"What do you want" she shouts back, me noticing that something got lost in translation,
"4 Jaegermeisters"
"Ah" she says,
"Aaah, Jekku, not Jekkeri" I say, the barmaid nods and gives me the four shots of medicine.

When I was just at our table, BlueAngel hits my hand and I feel some Jekku dropping down, and I was just above her legs,

As I was putting down the glasses on the table, to see the beautiful mess she may have caused,

I see Ivan's hand coming down, him bending down from the heights and taking his girlfriend's big sister's leg in his leg and licking the jaegermeister away

...WTF 3

"Ivaaaaan" says BlueAngel, in the tone you would talk to a little naughty boy.

F¤%k, this was one big naughty boy.

Then we raise our glasses to friendship. Even though our grandfathers butchered eachother in millions. Yea, that came up in that way.

The possibility of BlueAngel being in bed with her Li'l Sis and Li'l Sis's broyfriend is not out of the question; though distinct, from what I know about Li'l Sis; it is still a possibility.

Hell, that guy deserves it.

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