Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gotta love the hamster

It was some weeks ago, I received a message,

" bla bla bla, la la la, ra, ra, ra (confidential text), Do you want to come to my place, for a booty call?" asks cutie pie.

It was 1am, and I was busy with a sweet pie that made my jaw drop when I had first seen her. So, "Some other time"

Time passed, I prepared my woman-magnet dessert, that I usually finish before any woman can get her hands on, so immediately after preparing it, I texted

"Drop by, taste my bla bla dessert"
"I'd love to. 9 ok?"

9 comes, I am busy at home, no sign of cutie pie.
10 comes, I am entertaining myself, no sign of cutie pie.
11, I get a message, " Sorry got stuck at work"
"If you still drop by, it'll be for a sleep" as I was getting ready to go to bed after an evening well spent.

"If a girl goes to a man's house at this time, it is a booty call and I am not that kind of girl"


I fell off the couch laughing.

No anger, nothing, just laughter.

I mean,

You got to love the hamsters. Alright, they turn a man's life into Hell, but sometimes they give you this.

A little girl's hamster sprinting through the Olympics. A sight to behold. Run run run. In a wheel, that is.

Few days later, 2am: 

"You out?" asks cutie pie.


  1. " theres a few crumbs left."

    Thas what i thought at 1st.

    I cant say ive ever had luck with direct texts. The cake was a good one, ive used "playing musical instruments" and "trading wardrobes" before.

  2. This is what I like about putting your ideas out to people who can help.

    "There's a few crumbs left"... I will remember this next time.