Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A wingman that does his job


They can be boost you, they can shoot you.

Disclaimer: I have caused many problems as a wingman, so I quit being one. Now some friends are offended about me running solo, but I paid my dues by introducing friends to girls that they later got intimate with. I am done. For most of them, that is.

Ex-wingmen: have argued with me cause I did not introduce them to girls I was talking to, out of their league; nuked threesomes, I could not salvage the damage; talked shit about the girls I was flirting with; entered in piss racing with me; talked too much; tried to openly hit on my target; deliberately asked questions that teargassed the environment; told the girl I am an asshole to protect her, not to help me.

It is clear over the years I left many wingmen on the ground, to explore the skies on my own.

Enters LuckyLuke.

Good friend, possibly good wingman, even if I suck at it.
Talking about this 21 year old blondie with the body you want to ravage for a week non-stop.

"She is mental" says Billy the Kid
"So?" say I
"She's got the looks" says LuckyLuke;

We are leaving the place, dissipating in three directions, when I decide to put in the last word

"Mental or not; I'd tap that if I got the chance"

LuckyLuke, now three meters away, half turns his head and bluntly says

"Then make the chance"

At that instant I was wingslapped back to reality.

I was risen from my grave, I was made to feel the horror of the wrong mentality I was carrying with me.

I woke up.

That, is one thing a good wingman does.

Now I got four.

All good friends; all good wings.

I still run solo though. Let's see if I learn to fly in formation.

Red Baron - out.

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