Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make someone's day

I woke up at 4 am. Took the taxi. Boarded the train. Waited through the security check. Waited in the airport. Flew two and a half hours in non-reclining seats; when we approached the destination I saw with disappointment that half the snow was still on the ground.

Then the speaker crackled...

Serious voice : "Cabin crew, prepare for landing. Ten minutes.", five seconds of silence, then, same pilot, with a not so serious voice: "We're laaaanding, ... yippie"

I forgot all my tiredness, all that I was reading, all the stress that I knew was expecting me.

First I smiled.
Then I laughed.
Then I heard the whole plane laughing.

I was still smiling to myself in the passport queue.

And this is what it takes to male someone's suffering of a day into a happy one. A happy, cheerful "Yippie"

When you go to the shop today, instead of answering the usual soulless "How are you today, Sir", paying and leaving; give a smile to the cashier, and say "Thanks, have nice day!".  Do it knowing that that person is likely having a long shitty day, and you might be the only person breaking the routine. Just make their day. It only takes a smile.

Your coworkers, your friends, anybody you cross paths with, give them a smile, make them smile. It is simple. Think about the pilot who also woke up at 4 am, but can put out a cheerful "Yippie".

Sadly, a smile is likely to backfire on a cutie pie that you are carnally interested in.

To make her day, be the prize, don't try to make her day, make your own day by getting to carnally know her, get her to orgasm on the clouds. You'll have made her day that way.

You smiling may lessen your chances of this; of making her day. You have no right to deprave her from the clouds.

To all others, know that during a normal day, which is likely a long, shitty day, one glimpse of sunshine coming through, be it by a genuine smile, a small joke, a cheerful sentence, or just plain acknowledgment of the person will make that day a better day.

Do it.
Do it often.

(Necessary warning: Take utmost care with female coworkers... "do it" may cost you your job)

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