Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Immigration is sexually discriminatory

I was sitting contemplating that these weeks have been good and I got nothing to write about, except that some minorities that raped a girl were let free (probation), and few other little events not worth mentioning... Oh well, at least one I will after I write this one.

We always hear that "We need immigration", when you ask for what, the answer is "to do jobs"... we got 10% unemployment, which makes for a bout 200.00 people without jobs... "to pay welfare"... when some immigrant groups manage to be on welfare at a ratio of over 40% generation after generation.

What the progressive time of immigration does is to apparently bring men over.

Why I ask?

Because I am sitting by the window, there are 4 enrichers inside, 4 others came and left, now I got 5 enrichers bellowing outside, few others are walking by. All designer enrichers.

As usual:

How many vibrant females I see?

Do you seriously need an answer?

Either immigration is sexually discriminatory in accepting only males,
Or immigration is only accepting invisible females, used for breeding and being barefoot.

Both ways,

Females are not to be seen.

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