Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fuck progressive humanist laws

Just read this news item about two men tying a woman to a chair, demanding her bank codes, threatening her with poking her eyes out, join getting the code and finding an empty account, they brat the woman, throw her against the wall, choking her also.

She gets hold of a kitchen knife, and during get escape, stabs one of the assholes in the chest and punches one in the head.

Prosecutor us asking six months for the guys.

Prosecutor is asking for fourteen months for the woman.


Every new day, new proof that the system has decided to become the enemy of the producing, law abiding citizen.

Vigilante justice us more just than what passes as the justice system.

No wonder progressive Europe is experiencing a rape and small crime epidemic.

You are not safe.



  1. Do you have jury trials in Finland? If so, can jurors be punished in any way for their decisions?
    If not, you've got jury nullification, and you ought to use it.
    Seems to me that the worst offender there is the prosecutor, who ought to be hanged from a lamp post. The two perpetrators ought to face capital punishment. The woman should be given a small stipend and supplemental combat training.
    That would be justice.

  2. Gen. KongMay 01, 2012

    Greetings (I know your name from Vox Popoli, where I post regularly). Nice to see you've reached the only logical conclusion here. One has no moral obligation to obey a legal system which is totally corrupt as the one described here. It's a completely rigged game whose outcome is determined in advance by those who actually call the shots. Prosecutors, judges and police in places ruled by the body snatchers are merely criminals and thugs who wear happen to suits, robes, and badges respectively - all operating under the color of law. They, and the laws they enforce, should be viewed for what they truly are - lawlessness pretending to be law.

  3. Robert in ArabiaMay 07, 2012

  4. Jehu:

    No jury. So it all depends on the inclination, indoctrination of the judge.

    Gen. Kong:

    Recognize your name, too, and Vox has been very important in my growth. And yea, whether one starts out with reading about how to pick up girls, or how to eat well, or about medicine, or about the banksters, or about reptile aliens, they all converge on the top of pyramid. We all take different routes, but reach a similar conclusion. Acting on it is a different thing, but if even thinking this makes you a criminal?...????


    Now, it can only be the utterly faceless, shameless, principleless, two faced persons who would call that post racist. You will find many of those.

    Facts be racisss.

    That is why in Sweden they bleached the pixelated images of assaulters, and rapists, who were New-Swedes.. Google: sweden bleach pixelated