Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A link to a good friend, and the best compliment I ever got

Here is a link to a friend’s webpage,
Actually also a quite famous website around these places,

And after a nite which we met in a bar, had a short convo,

Just had the notion of seeing what new diamonds she has written in her page – as some things there have changed my perception of my surroundings,
I see me.
Me in a text.
Read it.
Go back to that night,
A smile on my face,
Read it,
Get goose bumps,
Read it again,
Get my eyes full...
Think to myself, this girl has talent,
Feel good.
And realize, I’ve never gotten a better compliment...

Not from my friends, not from my love(s),
Not from strangers,
Not from passengers in my life....

Greetings to you Sebastyne!!!

Added on 04.04.2005

Later on she wrote one of the hardest critics in my life. She had all the right to.

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