Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bum Bloodbath

”He was just a bum”
American teenagers talking to the judge, during trials for killing a homeless man.

What is going on in Tampere these days?

Because it is between my gym and home, the train station is something which I pass by more than once every day.
Train station, is also the bum center of town. Maybe not literally homeless, but close to the description, they are…
Sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, a heavy smell of sweat and alcohol in the air.

In the past few days, I have been noticing that everyday another one had a cut face, badly bruised….

By now, half the buns I see have a badly cut face, blue eyes, a stitched eyebrow…
Yesterday saw this man and woman, woman’s both eyes blue, the man looked like out of a war…

Are these bums trying to kill each other,
Or I wonder,
Are there some attacks on them?

“They are just bums.”
“Its dark, I am depressed, I need a punching bag...”

Today I will walk again, and wonder which one of them will be the lucky one….

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  1. The most common "murder" case in Finland is when several men and loads of alcohol congregate and in the morning, or several days, someone wakes up dead, and nobody remembers or has seen anything.