Thursday, January 06, 2005

Size matters.

There is a rumour about a Turkish guy following a black man into the toilets, just to ease his curiosity of the guy’s dick size...
He never recovered….


And here is a summary of a conversation that happened a month or so ago, I leave it to you to decide how to take it.

Buddy: I like that girl over there.
Me: I know her friend, we can go have a chat.
Buddy: Let’s go…

Me: Hi (To the friend, girl that I know)
Friend: Hello..
Me: So what are you girls talking about (To the other two, talking, one is the girl my buddy is interested in)
Girl 1: You don’t wanna know.
Girl 2: Girltalk

Me: Come on.. that is invaluable insider information.. What were you talking about?
Girl 1: So this girl is talking to a guy and then another girl goes to her and tells her he sucks in bed (makes a motion with the fingers, so they show half a cigarette sized dick).. The girl leaves…
Girl 2: See, you would not want to hear that..
Me: On the contrary, this is an insight to the truth…

Girl 1: Yea.. I like it big..
Me: so you like it big, or biiiiiiig.. (making extreme signs of small and big dicks)

Girl 1: Biiiiiig
Buddy: No. You are wrong, size is nothing..
Girl 1: No it is important.. Big is better…
Buddy: No. Ze size is not important…
Girl 1: ….
Buddy: It is how the man uses his dick. Not the size…
Me, trying to interfere without success…
Girl 2, and Friend cracking up…
Girl 1: I prefer bigger dicks.
Buddy: Then you have not slept with the right man who can use it…
Girl 1: I have to go..

Me, standing there still trying to comprehend the fast self destruction, Girl 2 and Friend having a knowing smile….
In the end,
Size does matter.

My friend commented: As long as the guy knows how to use his dick, size is not that important. Then again, too small, is too small.....

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  1. There is no such thing as a small dick. That is only what girls with loose places say. ;-b