Saturday, January 08, 2005

What backgammon is not...

That night, we went to Koti,
Seven, eight guys, and one girlfriend….
Looking around I see that they have these nice leather backgammon boards….

I start craving for a game…

Turn around, and ask the Indian behind me if he plays backgammon, I had forgotten that the game chess was invented by Indians, not backgammon..
No, he says,
So I ask two other indians, and a few finns…
No… is the answer…

I find the guy who I did not ask yet, who likes these “game evenings”,
“Hey, do you know if anybody here plays backgammon?”
“Yea, lets play..”

“Right, so you know how to”
“Wait, let me find people.. How many players do we need?”

I gave up the search.

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