Saturday, January 15, 2005

Yes. A man is supposed to excuse himself for everything.


Situation 1:
Sitting on the edge of a chair, when suddenly the chair is jerked of under my feet, and I almost fall, if not able to catch hold, could have crushed the girl pulling the chair under me.

Possibility 1:
Turn to the girl,
“I am sorry. Did not realize you were going to sit here”

Action 1:
Turn to the girl:
“You know, when somebody is sitting somewhere, you do not pull the chair under them without notice, do you?”

Her friend sitting across the table starts shouting:
“Voi vittu saatana…..” Some curse words which I ignore.

Back to the girl:
“I almost fell... I would not want that. I almost fell on you. You definitely would not want that.”
The girlfriend still shouting some mambo jambo...
“Now, I expect an apology from you”
“I am sorry” she says, and her girlfriend stops shouting…

Outcome 1:
Five minutes later she hits her head on my arm, says she is sorry while I caress her hair is an “oh, it’s ok” kind of way… I don’t know how it would have continued, as a friend passed by.

Situation 2:
Walking in the bar... See a good friend from the gym, I am drunk, he is drunk, so instead of shaking hands like civilized males, we bump into each other, hug, and say “Whazzzup”?
When the bumping humping is finished, I notice this tall girl standing there, cleaning some drink from her sweater, or skirt, dunno... Think it was some white wine…
Looking totally pissed off, like a bull in an arena…
Possibility 2:

“I am sorry, did not pay attention. I see your drink is still full, but let me get you another one, as my sincere apologies…”

Action 2:
Look at her, at the glass, at the skirt… Undress her in the meanwhile with my eyes... Look back at her,
“Wrong time, wrong place, eh?” and smile…
The bull is totally shocked, angry face turns into puppy looking lost look,

I continue, mentioning the glass,
“Is there something I can do for you?”
“No, thank you”
I leave...

Outcome 2:
During the night, she was always somewhere close to me….


Is there a point?
No, there is no fucking point,
Just wanted to brag about silencing enemies without starting a war with them.
And felt good.
Maybe there is a point…
I ain’t the one who’s gonna tell it.

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