Monday, February 14, 2005

Alcohol destroyed her...

Standing by the dancefloor, buddies dancing with girls, I am listening to the music...
A girl I’ve known three years ago, who happened to be a twenty two year old cute one, now, totally drunken, approaches:


“You fucked with my friend *****, years ago...”
“Yea, sadly it was only once”

“What’s up?”
“Fine and you? Long time I haven’t seen you.”

“Can you buy me a beer?”
“Why don’t you buy me a beer?”
“There are many guys here who would buy you a beer”
“Hmph… bastard”

Her friend takes her away…
After three years, her face had swollen, gained around ten kilos, looks like anything but a woman in form… an extreme beer belly…
I would not know what got her into drinking so much…
All I know is, drinking hasn’t helped her much.

And one thing I know by now, is to keep off women who drink too much... “Too much” is a relative clause, you’ll know when it is “too much”…

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