Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why always wrong timing???

I do it..
People I know do it..

When walking around, you see an acquaintance, and even though he, she is having a chat, they stop, and you have a half minute small talk.
When chatting with acquaintances, a known face passes by, and I pause my chat, to have a half minute small talk…
Quite usual, and quite often…

Another version of this is,
I am chatting with my friends, possibly laughing, bulshitting around, it sometimes is like a private stand up show, sometimes like a private forum on life, sometimes like playboy girl next door stories…
In the end we are a closed group. – at least in the coming context.

Why the fuck, does there always have to exist one guy none of us knows, enters with a stupid comment, and wants to take part in the conversation, whichever language it is taking part in, does not invite him..
It’s a group which is talking about any kind of shit, which most of the deep thinking finnish would be to deep to comprehend, anyway.

Just like it happened last time, guy comes, I get bored, crack some jokes, my guys laugh their ass off, the guy stands there like a fish in a bowl…
Back off…
If I want to talk to you, I would already have talked to you…

And the funny thing is, the sad truth at the same time, most Finns will hardly except your approach for chat if you are not referenced by a friend of his – e.g. a friend tell him you are a good guy, but will expect a whole group to accept him into a conversation, for which they have no fucking ticket.

Get tha fuck out of my face…

Women are welcome to join the conversation.
I know you will forgive me for the discrimination, as two boobs signal intelligence. :)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2005

    Wow! This has to be the first time that Finns get collectively reprimanded for their excessive eagerness to engage in small talk.