Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Finnish women pick up style...

A Sunday chat with a friend usually provides me with good stuff….
Writing with permission:

Following a long and friendly talk with a lady in Panama, (this sentence was edited by the friend...)
The girl turns to the guy,

“Remember who initiated the flirt”
“Yea, me”

“No… me”
“I got my drink; I turned around, saw you, and said hi”

“Yes, but that was the second move”
“Come ooon, you were standing behind me; I did not even see you”

“No. I saw you, and came closer to you. I made the first move”
“But you were on my back”

“You were there with your friends?” she asks at some point...
“Yes... “
“The guy who got you the drink, he was your friend?”
“He is scary...”
“He is a good friend. Nice guy”
“He is scary…”

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