Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Men..... Men.....

Enter the bar.
I see four friends of mine, two by two, sitting independently...
We are in Koti.
There is this German-beergarten-like big table.

There is an interesting seating arrangement:
Two guys who I know, but who do not sit together, sit in such a way that they have a girl between them.
I want to talk with both.

The girl is sitting on a chair which has no back (forgot the name of that... In German, its “hocker”)... and she is leaning forward...
“Hey, what if I were to ask if I could share your chair?”
She looks up, smiles, and moves to the right…

Just as I was sitting down,
The guy on her left goes:
“Hey, I was talking with her”

I say, fine, and tell the girl; I meant that I will sit on her back, not side,
She moves back to the middle, and a little to the left...

I move to sit down,
The guy on her right….

“Hey, I was talking with her”

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