Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The "curse" of finndistan

This weekend I met two cute girls...
With one I talked before…, the sweet one…
With one, it was the first time…, the vamp...

Both told me they read Finndistan.
Possibly I would not have met them if this site did not exist…

During our conversation, the sweet one had told me she would never go for a drink with a guy like me, even though she liked my stories.
With the vamp, it was the usual “you will not have me tonite”, without me even making a move… I did not care... I like women who play men… And I like to play along…

What if I had not written all the stories here...?
And I had met these women…
What would have happened?
Without this heavy macho image in the stories, for which I have to admit am contributing heavily in life,
What would be my starting point?
What would be my ending point?
What difference does Finndistan make?
I wonder.

1 comment:

  1. You are who you are.They either love you or they dont.Maybe not so much of a curse but maybe by fate or destiny they read about you.