Thursday, February 17, 2005

One sad story

(I received this from a friend, so I can post it)

He looked good, he was nice and he was available. He started talking to me and offered me drinks… Obviously I stayed with him.

He lived in Helsinki and had a wife and a baby in there. He didn’t care for that so why should I have?

He was in Tampere to play tennis, the games were about to continue 10 am. the next day, had an early wake-up. I didn’t care.

Closing time, we left. He came home to me, he paid the cab as nice men do…

Started taking off his clothes, then mine…

He was far too small and far too fast, about three minutes of “fun” and that was it.

I was totally pissed off.

He wanted to sleep, but couldn’t cause I had music on.

I turned out the music being too bored to sleep.

Then he started kissing me again and wanted me to give him a blow job. Hah! After all that pleasure he had totally failed to give me, he was the one wanting more…


Told him to call a cab and leave.

He tried to resist but finally got the point and started getting clothes on.

I kicked him out around 5 am. and finally fell asleep, thanks to the drinks he had bought me.

Did not miss him in the morning.

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