Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How to date your value to the ground


The girl is the kind of girl that made a buddy go "Wow" when he sees her, and girls that I know give me the thumbs up when talking to her, the girls even let out a whistle.


Now her hands are enthusiastically playing with my sixpack – used to be a leaner sixpack, but the winter and the cacao joghurt honey nuts and banana dessert I am hooked on took care about that for now - while talking innocently...

I have her number. She contacted me twice, with a bait for a date.

Thanks to a friend more curious than me, I got to be informed that she has a number of middle eastern and/or central asian Douchebags (Apachi, Jersey Shore, Guido, etc) in her past. I know it is not a one time mistake, as she apparently used plural, and I know they're Apachis, as the only non-douche is my friend, and she does not know him. Facebook makes sure of that.

So she is baiting me for a date,

I am thinking if I should send "Tea, my place, bring frozen berries and joghurt" or, "Horror movie. 8 pm, my couch" , but end up ignoring the invitation, despite the low amount of investment needed.

Things changed after seeing her this week with a nice low cut shirt; I decided to take the bait, but still will not be seen dating in public. Flirting in the bar is acceptable, but she managed to date her further value to oblivion.

Good for a poke? Definitely. Good for few pokes? Hell yea!

Good for having a date in town?

She set her value, and I am respecting her choices. Though; the definition of what value is, and how it is affected by various actions (even the simple fact that it is affected), is totally subjective.

I am a subject.

Usual subject.

Choice respecting subject.

"8 pm. Bring the berries. And wear that shirt from saturday."

Update 1

So I did send a message similar to the one above

"Tea.  7 pm. Bring berries"

"Ok. But somewhere public"

Upon receiving this answer I felt insulted. You girl go shag some douche-dude the night you meet, and still have the audacity to claim we meet in public? I am not the "special guy" who you meet after being done with the "toys". I was thinking of a simple "No", or a more vague "Wrong answer" but then decided for

"I don't do public".. which is neutral; selected since I put myself in her shoes. Here is a guy who she really likes (made that clear), and sees as a potential boyfriend, so of course now her asking price has risen. She was not actually insulting me, in her head she was giving me something special. Gorging on the red pills though makes you see things a bit differently.

Her reply:

"I kind of figured that. No problem"

She took it lightly. Tells me two things:

- I really gave her that impression.I do not date.
- I am not the first guy she meets who has douchebag/apachi allergy

Update 2

Met a good friend in the gym, then told him the story and the update,

"Finndistan, dont you think you're a bit harsh?"
"If I were to go to - the bar I met the girl - holding hands with a 150 kg warpig, how many years would it take for any girl to talk to me again?"
"Yea, I see your point"

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