Monday, May 07, 2012

Simple Cures: Ding Dong like King Kong

You had your 30th birthday. Unlike what some of your friends talk about, you have had no problems in the getting it up thing. You are eating healthy, not gorging on pizza and burgers, not eating soy, not boozing yourself silly.

All is good. Meeting girls, having fun, having pleasure, and surely giving pleasure.

On most days your ding dong is hard as wood. Some days it is bamboo.

You are aging, my man.

Remember the times when you were a teenager, and could not sleep on your belly in the mornings?
When you had to pee, but had to run around the house, do some squat, or whatever worked, so you could actually pee down?
When you contemplated of peeing to the ceiling on some mornings, when your school books were full of drawings of conceptions that would catch your pee in the air and guide it to the to the toilet like Roman waterways, or you seriously considered doing handstands...
When you would sit in class and the girl would bend down to pick her pen from the ground, just when the teacher would call your name... and then start shouting at you because you disrespected her by not getting up to answer the question.

Remember those times?

If I tell you that I can take you back...

Disturb your easy mornings where your wood is soft enough to pee by the time you reach toilet? Wake you up because you feel pulse in your morning member?

If I tell you I can take you a place where the girl will open her eyes in astonishment when you enter?

If I tell you it is all natural.

Easy to find from the shelf?

Free to try, NO side effects except hearing your name shouted, or God's in random sexual escapades, or maybe with your girlfriend or wife.

"Oh God"... Sounds good?

Here it is;

Fish oil.

Taken in the same day, and it takes three days or so to get the effect.

Since I have not had the ease of peeing in the mornings due to eating paleo, for me the effect was so big that I have stopped doing this many times. Only to resume in some weeks' time.

One tablespoon fishoil in the morning (10-20 grams depending on the spoon).
At least three spoons of raw cacao any time during the day, in water, in jogurt, with honey or with whatever thing you want to mix it with.

First day, nothing.
Second day, nothing.
Third day, nothing.
The morning of the fourth day, you will wake up, an unstoppable magma running through your veins, dup dup dup, can hear the pulse in your Ding Dong, you feel like King Kong, you run around the house, to stop yourself from peeing to the ceiling, jump up and down...

For you it may be two days, it may be one week, may need more cocoa, but it will come.

The Ding Dong of King Kong will be back.

And at your age, there will be the "Oh my God" look in the girl's eyes, who is expecting another 30 year old Dingy Dongy...

Now, you want a challenge?

Couple this with not masturbating.

I can not even explain the effect.

There is Dingy Dongy.

Then there is Wood.

Then there is Rock.

Hard as a Rock, horny like a bull in heat.

I dare you. I seriously dare you.

Try this for one week, and survive.

Addendum: Eating fish and chocolate may also have the same effect, but I find it harder to sustain. Since I don't eat much sugar, even dark chocolate gives me the sugar spikes that I can feel. But, feel free to try, as theoretically it should work the same. 


  1. Okay Dude:

    I am going to take up the challenge.

    Do you consider cod liver oil fish oil?

  2. Okay Dude:

    I am going to take up the challenge.

    Do you consider cod liver oil fish oil?

  3. Yes.

    I have used Lysi fishoil with lemon taste, I have used Lysi Cod Liver oil, and I have used the Muller brand's oils. All worked, though I seem to fare better on the Lysi.

    I believe anything with Omega 3 would work.

  4. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    Do you know if Carob powder will do the same thing?

  5. I had to look it up, then I recognized the plant.

    Dunno, I have heard it being powdered and used by herbal practitioners for many ailments.

    One thing I know is that once I got my hands on carob flower honey, which is rare in its pure form (most of the stuff is diluted with other honeys or syrup etc), and not cheap.

    That honey was the best I ever had in my life.

    Give it a try, and let us know what happens.

    Morning wood ain't enough, we are striving for the morning rock.

  6. already worked after 1 day !

  7. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    Tablespoon? Teaspoon?

  8. James, am happy. That's a +1


    I use tablespoon, that's something around 10-15 ml.

    If you want to go light on the fishoil, please do, and report back.

    As it seems there are many interested people who want to have more detailed information on kinging the dong.

  9. im taking 10-15grams fish oil (1 gram capsules)
    and chocomine instead of the raw cocoa (had 2 order some)

  10. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    Cocoa or Cacao? I believe they are slightly different, you spelled it both ways in the post, which one should I use?

  11. hello anon,

    From what I know, cocoa and cacaqo are basically the same thing, except sometimes cacao may refer to what hot chocolate is made of so may include sugar etc.

    For this purpose, refined sugar defies the purpose.

    What is meant by cocoa,(and also cacao) is raw powder. Don't know much about the heat treatments or the extraction ways, so I use "organic raw cocoa powder" sometimes from a local chain, sometimes from Green&Black (a brand that was OK'd by Mark Sisson).

    Being against refined sugar, will say that a tea spoon of honey in the raw cocoa drink will make it taste like from heaven.

    A little more detailed tweak, get local honey.

  12. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    So the bitter stuff then, not the sugary drink mix. Thanks man, I'm going to try it out.

  13. Hey Finn, great advice! I took the raw cacao and cod liver oil. Took a week for me to start seeing results, but I'm 46, not in my 30's. The effects were amazing! Started waking up with morning wood after one week, then morning erections like rocks after two weeks. Thanks!

  14. Been doing this a few days and seeing no morning wood. Only taking cocoa twice a day due to not being able to take it at work. Maybe that is not enough. Or maybe not enough fish oil. I am late 20s and have serious medical issues I have worked on fixing. Will say that I seem to have more energy and seem to be talking to girls more.

    1. Sorry to hear about your problems.

      This thing that I am talking about is not meant to be medical advice, but it is a thing that seems to work for me, and few others that I know, and I do not know the biological/chemical reasoning behind it.

      I started taking fish oil because it reduces the muscle soreness, and coca because if I don't take that, I'll plunge into cookies or whatever is on offer in the coffee room.

      Then the wood happened.

      The more energy and talking to girls thing I think works on the same pathway as the wood.

      Hope you get well soon, and solve your issues.

  15. Hello! I want to try this out. If I only have Omega-3 tablets with 1 gram of fish oil each, what is the dose for 10-15 ml?

  16. Hello Even, sorry for the late reply,

    I have not studied this or read studies on it, so this is just my experience:

    I have tried taking 2 tablets of fish oil similar to yours, and did not get the effect.

    Now am trying 10 ml of cod liver oil, but am on the first day, will report once I have enough days in between.

    There seems to be a minimum effective dose, and one thing which I have found is that chocolate does not work. Raw cocoa in water that works, and there the minimum I find effective is a loaded table spoon.

    But please report back once you have tried a week with your pills, would be interesting to read.